Running a Closed Loop System

Confirming Pick-to-Light Picks

The URL described on the Integration page allows a user to light up a device with custom text and play a short tune, but once that URL call is made, is there a way to make sure the device received the message?  Is there a way to make sure that the picker actually completed the pick?

There is!

For users that need these confirmations, there is a hidden parameter that the user can add to the URL, a transaction ID. Pick 3/SKU:001256/140,c5,4/20/transactionID001

The transaction ID is chosen by the user to identify the particular call to the device.  This can be a random number, or it could be a counter, or it could be a nonce.  It’s up to the user to choose.

If the transaction ID is added to the URL, then after the picker presses the button on the device, SKU-Keeper will make a URL call to your server like this:

If the picker does not press the button (within the time limit specified in the initial URL call), SKU-Keeper will make a URL call to:

If the device was out of range, or there was some problem communicating with the device, SKU-Keeper won’t make a follow-up URL call. *

So one of three things will happen:

  1. An ack message is received (indicates the picker pushed the button)
  2. A nack message is received (indicates the device timed out)
  3. No response (indicates the device is out of range, device over-write, or some other problem) *

The prefix of the response URL above,…, is pre-approved and set manually in SKU-Keeper for your account.  It can be any URL prefix you choose, using HTTP or HTTPS.  Contact us to register your URL.

Warning:  If you choose to use a Closed Loop System setup, you need a very reliable communication system between your server and SKU-Keeper on the cloud.

* After we designed this system, some customers expressed a desire to get a response back to every request.  So, we added a feature that can send back a ‘lost’ message for devices that don’t produce an ack or a nack. Just let us know if you’d like us to enable this for your account.

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