A New Solution for Today’s Order Fulfillment Challenges

Pick more orders, in less time, with fewer errors!

What do you get when you cross the Internet-of-Things (IoT) with pick-to-light technology? The ability to pick more orders, in less time, with fewer errors.  A simple URL call with our QueryString API (REST API also available) causes the Cloud Display Devices to light up with two lines of custom text.

  • Two AA batteries can last a year or more (5,000 to 50,000 picks - depending on usage)
  • Devices spend most of their time “sleeping” to maximize battery efficiency
  • Battery-life can be extended by reducing brightness and display time (and by enabling flashing mode)
  • Voltage is continuously monitored by the system
  • Mount anywhere and relocate with ease
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Pick-to-Light devices can display any two lines of text. This example shows, "Location A23:12 Pick 6 SKU 44311"

Two Lines of Custom Text

A simple call causes the device to light up with two lines of custom text in any language you need.  It can even play a custom tune.

The average time to light up is 1.5 – 2 seconds but speed can be increased with additional Turbos.

Three Types of Messaging

Static or Background

The device stores data which is displayed when the button is pressed. For example, you might want to know what inventory is stored in a location or who has been assigned to this picking cart.

Lighted Message

A simple URL call for a pick or put can illuminate a device, causing two lines of custom text to be displayed. It can even play a custom tune. For example, the device might instruct a specific picker to select X number of a specific SKU. Or, it could indicate into which bin the picked inventory should be placed.

Flashing Message

As above, a simple URL can be sent to the device, but instead of simply illuminating the device, the device can flash to get someone’s attention.

Using Cloud Display Devices

Our flexible Cloud Display Devices can be used to improve warehouse operations in a variety of ways.


Boost productivity and accuracy with a wireless pick-to-light system.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloud Display Devices allow you to leverage the internet-of-things to increase productivity in your warehouse or distribution center.

  • Instructional Device

Picking Carts

Enhance your current picking carts with pick-to-light or put-to-light system.

  • Batch picking
  • Cluster picking
  • Zone picking
  • Wave picking

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Cloud Display Devices can be integrated with existing machines or sensors for warning lights, alerts or information.

  • Sensors
  • Maintenance Intervals
  • Alerts
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Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Keeps costs down by leasing pick lights on a month-to-month basis! That way, there are no long-term commitments, no huge up-front costs, and no depreciation schedules.

Add devices when order fulfillment volumes increase.  Send back devices when they’re not needed.  There’s no risk: if the system doesn’t work for you, just return the devices and your lease ends! There is NO lock-in.

Hardware as a service allows a customer to shift from Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to operational Expenditure (OPEX).

  • No big up-front $$$ server purchase
  • No depreciation schedules
  • No wiring or major moves of racks for installation
  • No re-engineering of your operations to add special barcodes or labels on each item (we do support barcodes if you have them)
  • No forced purchase of support every year (although support is available if you need it)

Simple Integration

A simple URL allows for easy integration with your WMS/ERP or even Google Sheets!

pick-to-light device showing the location of inventory in a warehouse

URL Components

A simple URL causes the device to light up with any two lines of custom text – in almost any language you need! Constructing a URL is easy!

  • Amazon Cloud

    Specifies an API call on our server.

  • Device ID

    Each Pick-to-Light Cloud Display Device has a unique Device ID.

  • Operation Type

    The type of API call. For example: Pick, Flash or Static.

  • Line 1

    Customize the first line to display. It can be anything.

  • Line 2

    Customize the second line to display. It can be anything. We recommend the SKU and perhaps, color

  • Tempo & Tune

    Each picker can have a custom tune. First number is the tempo, followed by musical notes. ‘f5s,2’ is an F-sharp in the fifth octave held for two beats.

  • Time

    The number of seconds the device will light up.

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