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A quote about Voodoo Robotics by J. Benton, Program Director, BOSC

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Jim Benton, Program Director, BOSC

“In regards to Voodoo Robotics warehouse technology and system, I find the ease of use of the SKU-Keeper to be nothing short of amazing.  Every level of an organization can realize benefits from its implementation into the ordering, management, warehousing and picking functions.

As a previous Program Director and Business Manager for Overseas Operations Support Contracts, I can immediately see the costs and time savings from this system and especially the simple-to-use tags.

The ability to track inventory (in real-time) from any location in the world would have given my stateside purchasing departments and senior management an accurate look at what was happening on the ground twelve time zones away.  Using this system, a few minutes at the computer allows supervisors in the shop to work with the people on the floor enabling them to do spot inventory checks for accuracy purposes. This allows for better tracking of parts/supplies, greater accuracy in inventory holding costs, and better support to the end customer, which is the reason we are there in the first place.

I like the ease with which the tags can be set up, configured and moved from location to location based on the needs of the field.  Temporary and semi-permanent warehouses are how things are done, more often than not, in fluid locations.  The simple ability to move the tags to the inventory is a real time saver for pop-up warehouses that may only last a few days or weeks. The display system that lights up and sounds an audible tune is a huge benefit for the people looking for the items in a fluid environment, especially in low light and critical conditions. Being able to bring a new employee quickly up to speed on finding the right parts to pick is an extremely valuable feature. No need to spend hours/days educating them on a warehouse layout. Employ the system and let them go out to the lighted, audible displays to get what is needed, quickly. Also, the scalability is very flexible.  If the number of line items expands, add more battery powered tags to absorb the requirement.

I wish the SKU-Keeper would have been available at my last two locations. The number of labor hours that could have been saved is difficult to imagine. The amount of holding costs on items that were not turning but could have, would have greatly increased profitability. The increased level of service to the end customer and ease of verifying metrics are what was needed. My next overseas location will have this system”.

J. BentonProgram Director, BOSC

Jim was Deputy Program Manager and Contracts Manager over (BOSC) Base Operating Support Contract for American and Allied Forces stationed in Singapore. Prior to that he was stationed at DG21 – Diego Garcia – BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territory) where he directed $50M/year FFP/IDIQ USN BOSC for USN, USAF, and British Royal Marines. Managed 1500+ employees, controlled cost, and managed schedules.  Jim was and Executive Officer with the US Navy at the Navy Region Center -Singapore where he managed services for Installation and Community including 115 homes, 80 temp living quarters, recreational facilities, offices, and warehouse spaces. Established processes and managed relationships between Royal Australian Navy, New Zealand Forces, Singapore Defense Forces, NCIS, U.S. Embassy, and U.S. Military in accordance with Singapore and U.S. Government regulations.

“The simple ability to move the tags to the inventory is a real time saver for pop-up warehouses that may only last a few days or weeks”.

“The display system that lights up and sounds an audible tune is a huge benefit for the people looking for the items in a fluid environment, especially in low light and critical conditions”.

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Pick-to-Light with Optional Inventory Management

SKU-Keeper is a hardware and software inventory management system. It’s designed from the ground up to modernize warehouse operations by leveraging the latest IoT (Internet-of-Things) technology. While it does some of the same things as traditional inventory management systems, WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, it’s far easier to use and way more economical–it even includes a whole Pick-To-Light system!

SKU-Keeper is ideal for temporary and semi-permanent government warehouses in a fluid environment with low light and critical conditions.  Optional two-factor authentication (2FA) and AWS GovCloud deployment allow for secure field operations and remote oversight.


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