Pick, Pack and Ship

Getting it on the Truck Faster

warehouse packer stacking orders ready to be shipped

Going into the holiday ordering rush while bringing in a new order fulfillment system might seem not like changing horses midstream, but changing cars mid-Indy 500. The truth is that the systems many small businesses already have in place could cost orders and clients because of inefficiencies in an outdated system. No small business is ready to foot an Amazon-sized bill just to compete, but with a lot less than Bezos bucks, there are order picking solutions available right off the shelf.

Walk Through It

When a pick list is generated, a PTL (Pick-to-Light) device on a cart flashes for a picker to start filling the order. As the picker moves through the warehouse, the devices flash with the picker’s name, SKU and quantity to pick. The devices can even be programmed to play a little tune, personalized to the picker, or direct the picker to a certain location to pick the product. Once the order is filled, the cart can be parked until a PTL device tells a free packer to take the cart and begin packing the order complete with any special packing instructions, the packer can even confirm the pick before sending it to the shipping area. A shipping staffer can then take the package, weigh it, follow special shipping instructions on the PTL device, and get it to the appropriate carrier. At all times the continuity of the order is intact with a more efficient order fulfillment process.

Say Yes to Better

Choosing a pick-to-light system is not rocket science. It’s using the Internet of Things to get things on the truck faster and more accurately than before. Voodoo Robotics PTL devices are inexpensive and easy to install – no additional wiring required. A simple URL is used to light up the devices with two lines of custom text, making integration simple! You can even use Microsoft Excel to light up the devices.

Get Started

Let’s have a conversation so we can better understand your needs. Call us or schedule a demo so see the next-generation Pick-to-Light solution in action.

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