Warehouse shelf with the SKU Keeper Pick to Light system Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square representing inventory stored in a warehouse. Blue square representing inventory stored in a warehouse. Warehouse Picker dragging a cart while looking at the SKU-Keeper app on his tablet. Streamline your picking with SKU-Keeper's pick-to-light inventory management system.

SKU-Keeper Inventory Management

Frequently Asked Questions

SKU-Keeper is a unique and innovative product bringing modern cloud-based inventory management to the warehouse.  It’s extremely easy to use and you can install it yourself.  It’s scalable, cloud-based, and affordable for both small and large operations.  SKU-Keeper has been designed from the ground up to modernize warehouse management, inventory control and order fulfillment at a low cost.


The SKU-Keeper system is a low-cost, cloud-based inventory management system. It is built from the ground-up to interface with our Pick-to-Light (PTL) devices. Using the SKU-Keeper system, PTL devices light up during picks and can also store inventory information for instant cycle counts.

You can think of the SKU-Keeper PTL devices as IoT (Internet of Things) devices. They are connected to the Internet, and synchronize themselves with the SKU-Keeper database in the cloud. Our Turbos and SKU-Stations help connect the PTL devices to the Internet. Your Android phone or tablet can also be used to communicate with devices, running the SKU-Keeper App, to facilitate set-up and debug.

Ingenious!  Yes, it’s covered by several patents that are pending.

Yes!  You will need connectivity in your warehouse. Most warehouses are already connected to the Internet, but if yours isn’t, you’ll need to add a WiFi router or Ethernet drop point(s). Turbos and SKU-Stations can connect using either method.

Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll need a computer with a browser to access the SKU-Keeper website. But you’re reading this now, so obviously you already have that taken care of.

If you’re a warehouse manager, the system will make your life much easier. You can run productivity reports, see what’s in and out of stock, etc. Really, the system functions as a full inventory management system.  And, of course, you gain all the advantages of a Pick-to-Light system–pickers find their picks faster and make fewer mistakes.

If you’re a business owner, the system will give you full access to your most important asset in your business, your inventory. From anywhere in the world, you can know instantly, what’s on your shelves.

If you’re a picker or restocker, the system makes your life so much easier: It’ll plan your route for you through the warehouse, regardless of how many orders you’re picking at the same time. As you go from location to location, your Android tablet will direct you, and if you need help finding an item, you can click on the item on your Android to activate the PTL device for that item. The device will show your name, the SKU and quantity that you need to pick.

If you have customers calling you, and you need to know what inventory is available, the system gives you instant information about what’s in stock and what’s out of stock.

Unlike most other companies offering pick-to-light systems, we’re totally upfront about our pricing and you can even order a starter kit to try it out!

Getting Started

All you need is your Android tablet or phone to start.

Using the SKU-Keeper App from the App Store, you log in and create each location where you’re mounting a PTL device (we recommend outdoor double-sided tape, but you can also use screws or zip-ties).

If you’re doing a whole bunch of locations, you may want to use a spreadsheet to import all your location names.

Then it’s as simple as clicking the button on the PTL device to associate it with its location. Check out our help video on this topic—it’s really super simple. You’ll be up and running in no time!

PTL devices can be mounted to moving carts, boxes, containers, shelving, pallet racking and more. Anyplace you can put a product you can mount a PTL device.

The most popular method is outdoor double-sided tape. But you can also use screws, bolts, zip ties, wire, string, twine or whatever you most feel comfortable using.

Absolutely! Mount Pick-to-Light devices wherever you want to keep track of inventory and products coming in and going out. The devices will help you to keep an accurate count of what’s on hand 24/7.

No!  The SKU-Keeper System is not dependent on barcodes. An image of the product being picked or moved is always just a click away in the user’s task list on the Android, so there’s never any confusion. You can certainly use a barcode reader in conjunction with your Android tablet, and custom reports can contain printable barcodes.

That’s the easy part. All of our help information and videos are online, built into the system, so you can quickly search and address any issue you are having. With our special ‘GuideMe’ function, we walk you through all the choices available at any part of the software. And if you still don’t feel comfortable, preferred support partners for you to call or email. Our goal is to make the software so easy and intuitive that the need for ongoing support will be minimal. But there’s always somebody to help you if you get stuck.


Yes. Not only do we compute the best picking paths for a single picklist, we compute the best path for multiple picklists at the same time! Try SKU-Keeper and see for yourself. You’ll be blown away: picking paths are even calculated based on where you’re standing. There’s nothing like it.

Using a digital picklist means that you have a realtime view of your inventory at any moment. The SKU-Keeper keeps an accurate count of your existing inventory as it’s picked. No more wondering how many items on a shelf or in a pickers hand. When your boss asks how many Kermudgets you have, you can tell her and feel comfortable knowing it’s right! Your inventory levels will stay accurate as long as you promise to always use the SKU-Keeper for your picking. Oh, and when you’re trying to pick that Kermudget, you can see a picture of it right in the picklist on your Android!

Hey, something else that’s important to mention here. SKU-Keeper even keeps track of the picked items too! You can run reports to see which picker is holding which items. Inventory is fully tracked from arrival until shipped.

Yes, in addition to helping pickers, simply clicking on a PTL button will display SKU, product name, inventory level and location information.

You sure can. You can manage your inventory from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Your inventory data is stored in the cloud so you can access it 24/7. You can even view your order fulfillment, pull reports and more from 30,000+ feet. Try it and see!

No. SKU-Keeper does not help a customer prevent theft.


SKU-Keeper comes with a basic set of reports covering a variety of topics: inventory, deficiencies, picks, routes, productivity, etc. But most importantly, SKU-Keeper comes with a fully integrated report writer. That means if there’s a report you need, you can actually build it yourself. Or you can start with one of our reports, and modify it. We can also refer you to specialists that can help you create your own custom reports.  Oh, and all report data is fully exportable to your favorite spreadsheeting program.

Absolutely! Some people are pickers, others are picklist-creators. Some are shippers, and others are report-runners. And some people wear more than one hat! Your company’s master account can assign roles to each user. And the master account can lock out users, create new users, change passwords, etc.

This is important for two reasons: 1) you want to lock down and keep certain data private, but also 2) reducing access makes the system easier to navigate. A picker’s account need not be complicated by options for reporting or warehouse setup!

Using your Android or your desktop, it’s as simple as clicking on the location name. You can edit what’s there, add other items, or delete items. The Pick-to-Light devices are kept in sync automagically. Although we discourage it, you can even keep track of more than one type of item in a location.


That’s an easy one:  Lollipop Android 5.1 or higher. (Amazon Fire OS version should be or higher.)

Well, they’re so much cheaper than iPads! And way cheaper than these foolish things. You can’t beat it: check out this deal from Amazon for a 7 inch Android pad for less than $50. If a 7 inch display is not big enough for you, Amazon has a whole lineup of devices up to 10 inches.  (Amazon calls the operating system of these devices ‘Fire OS’, but they’re really just Androids in disguise.)

Everyday, Androids get cheaper and more powerful. It’s amazing. SKU-Keeper leverages these advances in technology to help your business!

We have tested our software with many, many devices, but the best deal we’ve found is on the 7 in Amazon Fire Tablet. Yes, Amazon Fires do run Android under the covers, and they’re the best deal around. Our SKU-Keeper App is listed in the Amazon Fire App store.

Absolutely, in fact, we recommend Amazon Fire tablets like this one. They are both economical and reliable. Our SKU-Keeper App is available in the Amazon Fire App store.

Absolutely! The SKU-Keeper user interface is ‘responsive’. In other words, it scales for any sized screen. You can certainly use it to check on something quickly or do a quick transaction.

Of course, tablets have larger displays which make running the interface a joy!

Integration Partners

Voodoo Robotics partners with the best in the industry to create successful and reliable deployments that elevate end customers to best-of-breed status.  SKU-Rep integration partners receive:

  • Sales Leads
  • Publicity
  • Web Traffic
  • Access to private support groups

Schedule an online meeting to see if you qualify and if the opportunity makes sense for your company. Or sign-up online to become an Integration Partner.

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