Warehouse shelf with the SKU Keeper Pick to Light system Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square represents warehouse inventory on a rack. Blue square representing inventory stored in a warehouse. Blue square representing inventory stored in a warehouse. Warehouse Picker dragging a cart while looking at the SKU-Keeper app on his tablet. Streamline your picking with SKU-Keeper's pick-to-light inventory management system.

SKU-Keeper Overview

Leverage technology to manage your inventory, optimize picking and increase efficiency in your warehouse.

Batch Picking

Instant Cycle Counts

Custom Reports

Supply Chain Traceability

What is SKU-Keeper?

SKU-Keeper is a hardware and software inventory management system. It’s designed from the ground up to modernize warehouse operations by leveraging the latest IIoT (Industrial-Internet-of-Things) technology. While it does some of the same things as traditional inventory management systems, WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, it’s far easier to use and way more economical–it even includes a whole Pick-To-Light system!

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SKU-Keeper App


All Product Types

Search the master catalog of SKUs for all known types of products. The item may be in inventory or not.

All Areas

List or create areas of your warehouse. An area can be, for example, a storage aisle, shipping dock, receiving, QA: Set up your warehouse the way you work using names that are meaningful to you.

All Locations

Locations are places where inventory can be stored. Each Location belongs to an Area.

All Devices

Keep track of and maintain the Cloud Display Devices in your warehouse. Find and identify any device in just a couple of clicks!

All Picklists

View and assign Picklists to each Picker. Notice that total weight and dimensions are calculated!

All My Picklists

Privileges can be set so that Pickers can only see Picklists that are assigned to them. Pickers can start multiple Picklists at once to do batch picking. The resulting Task List aggregates everything in order for a single pass through the warehouse.

Completed Picks

Get a report of completed picks. Filter by date or time or by picker.

All Restock Lists

View and assign Restock lists to Restockers. Again, dimensions and weights are totaled.

All My Restock Lists

Restockers can be limited to view only Restock operations that have been assigned to them. They can perform multiple Restocks together–batch Restocking!


Which Picklists can be completed given particular Areas of Inventory? Deficiencies shows how many items you’re short and how many to order.

View Deficiencies

Which Picklists can be completed given particular Areas of Inventory? Deficiencies shows how many items you’re short and how many to order.


Choose a report or create a custom report using the report writer.

Return Items

Items that were picked by mistake or items in canceled orders can easily be returned to their default locations. Restock lists can be automatically created and assigned to restockers.


Receiving new inventory is a breeze. Just click the button on the device where you place the inventory and the location field is automatically populated!

My Account

Users can change their own password or email address. They can choose a custom pick tune, set a nickname, set their timezone, or change their interface language.

Order a Starter Kit to see how SKU-Keeper Inventory Management with Pick-to-Light can boost your productivity


  • Cloud-Based Software

    Find inventory in a flash, check on orders, pick/restock items or run sophisticated custom reports all from the SKU-Keeper Website.

  • Android App

    Use an Amazon Fire, Android tablet, or even your Android phone running the SKU-Keeper App to facilitate batch picking and kitting by optimizing routes through your warehouse.

  • Devices

    SKU-Keeper Pick-to-Light system brings the power of modern IoT devices to your business, keeping track of the SKUs at each location and guiding pickers to their destinations.  Devices light up with the pickers name, the SKU and quantity to pick.  They even play a custom tune for each picker.

  • Turbo

    Install one or more SKU-Turbo’s on the ceiling, the wall or the side of your racks to decrease pick-to-light times.

  • SKU-Station Kiosk

    Free up your picker’s hands with dedicated SKU-Stations for interaction with the SKU-Keeper Website and/or your ERP/WMS software.

SKU-Keeper brings the industrial internet of things (IIoT) into your warehouse with a low-cost, and easy to use Pick-to-Light system with inventory management software.

Diagram showing how Pick-to-Light system connects with the cloud

“Voodoo Robotics pushes the envelope with their low cost SKU-Keeper warehouse inventory management system.  They’ve replaced the Software as a Service (SaaS) model with a leased Hardware as a Service model for warehouse picking and inventory management.  Voodoo’s proprietary “pick assist” modules are simple, reliable and easy-to-use.  These modules are connected to a robust web-hosted inventory management system and integrated with your smartphone or tablet.  Voodoo is years ahead of the competition.  People using this technology in their warehouses and distribution facilities will find the system reliable and inexpensive.  We like to call that a “no-brainer” decision around here.”

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Haynie MayhewPresidentPrecision Warehoue Design

“Figuring out what to order from our suppliers is way easier now with SKU-Keeper.”

Kramer Bailey's profile picture
Kramer BaileyProcurement CoordinatorThe Window Outfitters

“It was so easy to integrate with our process, and now everyone knows where everything is!”

Jason's picture
Jason EriksonOperations Manager, TWO

“SKU-Keeper saves us tons of time every month when it’s time to do cycle counts. For the most difficult items, all we have to do is push the button on the tag to verify the count!”

Kramer Bailey's profile picture
Kramer BaileyProcurement Coordinator


  • Accurate

    Track all of your inventory – even while in the picker’s hands! Supply chain traceability can minimize recall size and help you respond quickly.  Leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to put information right where you need it–next to the inventory.

  • Easy to Use

    SKU-Keeper offers customized dashboards and powerful reporting.  It supports context-sensitive video help, multi-role user access and Spanish (and other) language support.

  • Flexible

    SKU-Keeper’s cloud-based, cross-platform inventory management software gives you secure access to your inventory from anywhere in the world.  Dynamic cycle counts, barcode printing, batch picking, kitting, deficiency analysis* and path planning will streamline your operations.
    * Extra charges apply for deficiency analysis.

  • Mobile

    SKU-Keeper is bringing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to the warehouse with easily installed wireless Pick-to-Light devices that you attach to each location where you store inventory. Attach a device to each slot (or just a sub-set of your slots) in your racks. You can even use one for each shipping or receiving bay. Go mobile!

  • Affordable

    SKU-Keeper’s leased hardware model allows you to pay by the month.  Forget massive install charges for Pick-to-Light systems: devices can be mounted with double-sided tape–no need to drill, wire, or move racks around.

  • Risk-Free

    With no huge server to buy, SKU-Keeper is risk-free.  There are no long-term contracts and you can cancel anytime.  Need fewer pick lights this month than last?  Return them without penalty!

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