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Voodoo Robotics specializes in innovative warehouse automation solutions.  From cloud-based inventory management software with optional pick-to-light hardware to powerful Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), VoodooRobotics can help you modernize your warehouse, optimize picking routes, and increase efficiency.

SKU-Keeper Inventory Management System

Cloud-based Inventory Management

SKU-Keeper is a revolutionary new way to track your inventory. SKU-Keeper is made up of three parts:  low-cost SKU-Keeper tags, a free Android App, and the easy-to-use Website.  You can think of the SKU-Keeper tags as IOT (Internet Of Things) devices.  They are connected to the Internet and synchronize themselves with the SKU-Keeper database in the cloud.

Low-cost Pick-to-Light

Light-directed picking has been around for more than 30 years, but until recently, only the largest facilities could afford it. Now, with the SKU-Keeper system, modern inventory management with pick to light is affordable for all businesses.

Optimized Batch Picking

SKU-Keeper will plan your route for you through the warehouse, regardless of how many orders you’re picking at the same time. As you go from location to location, your Android tablet will direct you, and if you need help finding an item, you can click on the item on your Android to activate the tag for that item. The tag will show your name, the SKU and quantity that you need to pick. Conversely, the system also integrates all restock operations in the same wave and leverages the tags to indicate where to place items.

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