Cloud Display Device

Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started and boost productivity with zero risk.

What is in the Starter Kit?

The starter kit contains ten Cloud Display Devices, one Turbo (for connectivity) and one user account.

We activate and ship most orders in about 24 hours.

Call us on 972-914-8758 or e-mail us now to place your order, and you could be up and running within a week!

10 Cloud Display Devices

Cloud Display Devices leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to boost your productivity. A simple URL causes the devices to light up (or flash) with up to five lines of custom text.  Devices are wireless and run on two regular AAA batteries. They can be mobile or easily installed with double-sided tape.  Devices are highly flexible and can be for pick-by-light, put-by-light, kitting, sequencing, quarantine, flow rack, pick tunnels, and more!


Display: Up to five lines, 26 characters each. A barcode, QR-Code, icon or a combination of the three can be substituted for lines.
Button: Lights up solid or flashes in one of six colors.
Product Dimensions: 5” Wide x 3” Height x 0.6” Depth (Excluding button).
Radio Range: Approximately 50-75 feet. Depends on surroundings.
Batteries: Two AAA 1.5V Alkaline batteries not included.
Mounting Options: Brackets or industrial double-sided tape.
Additional Features: Plays custom tunes.

1 Turbo POE-T

Turbos connect Cloud Display Devices to the Internet. You can space out several Turbos in your warehouse to cover a large area and accelerate communication with Devices. Optimal spacing is one every 50-75 feet depending on surroundings. The Turbo POE-T has a built-in GUI with touchscreen and runs on AC power or using Power Over Ethernet.  It connects to the Internet using WiFi or Ethernet.  Install Turbos high-up on a wall or pillar.  Turbos have their own GUI to facilitate the testing and detailed monitoring of Cloud Display Devices.


Product Dimensions: 7.5” Width x 2.0” Depth x 4.5″ Height
Radio Range: Approximately 50-75 feet. Depends on surroundings.
Required Power: AC adapter or POE (IEEE802.3af/t–Isolated 3kV)
Required Connectivity: Ethernet or WiFi (DHCP)
Adapter Included: 100-240 Volt, 50-60 Hz Input with USB-C output (cord length 5′)
Display: Built-in touchscreen
Wall Mounting: Can be mounted with screws spaced 3″ apart horizontally

1 User Account

One SKU-Keeper user account will allow you to set up and configure the Cloud Display Devices and connect your Turbo to the Internet.  Use your account to register device locations, keep track of batteries and manage your overall system.

Most companies begin with a starter kit.  Once they have conducted a proof-of-concept, they order more devices and scale up as needed.  Others simply skip the starter kit and place their full order to start with.


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