Routers for your Voodoo Robotics Cloud Devices

Turbos act like routers by connecting Cloud Display Devices to the internet.  Install one or more Turbos on the ceiling, the wall or the side of your racks to extend radio range and improve response times. 


A WiFi or Ethernet connection is needed to connect the Turbo to the Internet and facilitate communication between the cloud and the devices.


Turbos can communicate with devices within 50-75 feet.

Extending Range

Multiple Turbos will extend the coverage of devices. Turbos are designed for overlapping coverage areas.


More Turbos will increase the speed, causing devices to light-up faster.

Turbo Power over Ethernet (POE) with Touch Display (Turbo POE-T)

The Turbo POE-T obtains power directly from your ethernet and enables you to view and edit configuration information on a touchscreen.


  • Product Dimensions: 7.5” Width x 2.0” Depth x 4.5″ Height
  • Radio Range: Approximately 50-75 feet. Depends on surroundings.
  • Required Power: AC adapter or POE (IEEE802.3af/t–Isolated 3kV)
  • Required Connectivity: Ethernet or WiFi (DHCP)
  • Adapter Included: 100-240 Volts, 50-60 Hz Input with USB-C output (cord length 5′)
  • Display: Built-in touchscreen
  • Wall Mounting: Can be mounted with screws spaced 3″ apart horizontally
The Turbo POE-T acts as a router to communicate between your server and your devices.
Image of Voodoo Robotics Turbo


Connect your Turbo to a monitor to view configuration information. You may also configure it from the server.

Turbo Power over Ethernet (POE) Adapter

Use a Power Over Ethernet Splitter Adapter to split your ethernet connection into power and ethernet, to allow your Turbo to obtain power over the ethernet. This is a lower-cost option, if you want to use the ethernet for power, but do not want the Turbo POE-T.

The Turbo POE Adaptor splits your ethernet cable into ethernet and power to enable your Turbo to obtain power over the Ethernet.
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