Stock picking carts are an essential part of every order fulfillment operation. Choosing a cart is a matter of budget and operational needs.  Electric carts, such a forklifts, mules, and other drivable carts are at the top of the price range while utility carts, pushed by warehouse employees, are far less expensive but require more walking and manual labor from employees.

Types of stock picking carts:

Manual Picking Carts

  • Security cart
  • Stock picking cart
  • Service Cart
  • Utility Carts
  • Smart carts
  • Platform carts
  • Pallet truck

Electric Picking Carts

  • Hybrid Picking Cart
  • Pack Mule
  • Electric Towable Carts
  • Platform cart
  • Lift tables

security cart for order picking

Security Carts

Either coated steel wire or welded steel, this assures safe transport of expensive or dangerous items that you don’t want just anyone to touch. The cart’s locking system can be a simple padlock or a more secure solution such as a fingerprint reader or chip reader.

metal or wire stock picking cart

Stock Picking Cart

Steel can be a good choice, but resin or steel wire can be a lighter load to push. These carts come in multiple formats and sizes, some with areas to hold a tablet and other items. There are some that even come with a ladder built into one end. Keep in mind that features increase weight!

lightweight resin service cart also known as a utility cart

Service Carts

Service carts by Rubbermaid are a standard in a number of food service facilities, but they also make great picking carts! Lightweight, with a number of different sizes and configurations, these carts work best with lighter items.

rubbermaid utility cart

Utility Carts

These Rubbermaid carts are classic for a reason. They come in a number of configurations and can handle relatively heavy loads. However, the only come with three shelves at most but can be tricked out with bins and caddies.

order picking cart with bins or totes

Smart Carts

Voodoo Robotics makes a wireless, cloud-based Pick-to-Light system that can turn your existing picking carts into smart carts.  Forget everything you know about pick-to-light because this system can be used in ways that traditional pick-to-light cannot.

warehouse platform cart

Truck or Platform Carts

These wood, resin, or steel bed carts are for the heavy stuff. Ideally, these are not for lifting heavy things onto. Using a portable hoist, lift, or gantry crane to load the truck is a better idea.

warehouse pallet truck

Pallet Trucks

Powered or unpowered, with it without lift, these are workhorses. Pre-palleted goods can be racked and stored then pulled to shipping very easily. However, make sure that you take the weight limits as gospel.

picking cart hybrid - ridable minimalist cart

Electric Picking Cart Hybrid

Hybrid electric picking carts, like the Smart Rack 900, allow the picker to stand on a platform and drive a compact cart for efficient order fulfillment and replenishment in narrow aisle environments.


Pack Mule (Electric Towable Carts)

Electric towable carts, also called Pack Mules, have the added benefit of speed and expanded capacity.  Pack mules allow for flexible configurations, with multiple carts attached to the electric unit.



These are for the heaviest of heavy loads, and you will need a trained operator to use them. It’s an investment, that’s for sure, but when you are moving a lot of heavy pallets in receiving, shipping, storage, and picking, there’s no better choice.

Turn your picking carts into smart carts!

Types of Non-Electric Batch Picking Carts

Batch picked orders are usually placed in order-specific totes or shipping boxes on the picking cart.  Choose larger totes for orders with larger items and orders with multiple items.  Small, or single-item orders can be placed into a cart with many smaller totes.

Voodoo Robotics is revolutionizing order fulfillment with a wireless, cloud-based Pick-to-Light!

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