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Voodoo Robotics is making headlines by leveraging technology to provide low-cost order fulfillment solutions, including wireless Pick-to-Light systems.

Cover of the Kenco booklet, Ahead of the Curve

Kenco Logistics Services Highlights Use of Voodoo Robotics Cloud Display Devices in Booklet

A leading third-party logistics provider in the United States, Kenco Logistics Services, featured Voodoo Robotics wireless Cloud Display Devices in its Ahead of the Curve published by Chain magazine. 

“Kenco deployed the Voodoo Robotics system to increase efficiency and help with bottleneck issues during peak season.” 

They used the cloud display devices in put wall with high-volume SKUs, indicating the tote to pick from on the put wall with a light and text and providing instructions to the packer to remove the tote and pack the product into a shipping container. The solution is hybrid, combining handpicked and packed containers and totes that Locus Robots deliver onto the conveyor line.  

“With Voodoo Robotics’ flexible design, and intuitive interface, Kenco customers achieve more picking in less time, and with fewer errors.” 

See an excerpt below:

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Pick-to-light’s evolution

As e-commerce and the resulting need to process many small orders has grown, so have pick-to-light systems. However, the technology has evolved in multiple ways to become easier to deploy for different workflows. Trends include wireless display modules, lights that illuminate an entire compartment and mobile carts with lights.

By Roberto Michel · September 4, 2020
Pick-to-light remains a great picking technology, but it hasn’t remained the same. That is actually a good thing, as it’s evolving to become more flexible.


Wireless IoT displays
Another change with pick-to-light systems is the availability of Cloud display devices that can perform the light direction role, but without the need to be hardwired to a power source or communicating to an on-premise software, says Trevor Blumenau, CEO at Voodoo Robotics, a vendor of Cloud display devices….MORE

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Tech Corner: Voodoo Robotics Wireless Pick To Light System

January 5, 2018 -Quality Digest live demonstrates Voodoo Robotics’ Pick-to-Light system in their weekly news show…MORE

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Improve Quality and Productivity in Warehouse Operations

December 12, 2017 -You have a perfectly accurate database table that tells you exactly where everything is, correct?  And your fast-moving products are easily accessible right near the loading dock! And all your warehouse employees have perfect attendance and never make mistakes…MORE

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