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Voodoo Robotics is making headlines by leveraging technology to provide low-cost order fulfillment solutions, including Pick-to-Light systems.

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Tech Corner: Voodoo Robotics Wireless Pick To Light System

January 5, 2018 -Quality Digest live demonstrates Voodoo Robotics’ Pick-to-Light system in their weekly news show…MORE

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The 2016 FL100+

December 18, 2017 -Every year the list of software and technology companies that are providing technology offerings to help food and beverage companies improve productivity and gain efficiency grows longer. Because of this, sifting through the technological offerings to find the right technology, for the right job and at the right price, gets more complicated with each passing year…MORE

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Improve Quality and Productivity in Warehouse Operations

December 12, 2017 -You have a perfectly accurate database table that tells you exactly where everything is, correct?  And your fast-moving products are easily accessible right near the loading dock! And all your warehouse employees have perfect attendance and never make mistakes…MORE

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A remedy for window pain

October 12, 2017 -As business grew, inventory tracking was becoming a serious headache for The Window Outfitters. An Internet-enabled tracking/picking solution from Voodoo Robotics cleared things right up…MORE

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Injecting Agility into WMS Implementation

October 11, 2017 -With the high level of each picking associated with e-commerce, pick-to-light (PTL) systems are becoming more popular. To make PTL and associated inventory management capabilities easier to implement, warehouse automation provider Voodoo Robotics is touting a PTL solution offered under a pay-as-you-go model…MORE

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Pick-to-Light/Put-to-light System Uses IoT

September 2017 – Easily integrated with an existing enterprise resource planning system or warehouse management system, a new light-directed picking module for pick-to-light and put-to-light applications optimizes pick carts, put walls and will-call areas…MORE

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E-commerce and M-commerce are Reshaping the Supply Chain and Customer Focus

September 11, 2017 – Since the emergence of the first department stores in the 18th century, retailers have faced the same challenge ─ meeting customer expectations. Using storefronts with exquisite window displays to lure passersby evolved into more complex strategies to attract and retain consumers as shopping malls and big-box retailers consolidated the retail experience. Today, retailers are experiencing a new phase in the industry as e-commerce and m-commerce reshape the supply chain and customer focus. What was once an industry responsible for driving consumer strategies is transforming into one that is customer-led and demand-oriented….MORE

Voodoo Robotics featured in IoT Now publication

IIoT Pick-to-Light leasing model: Game changer in pay-as-you-go scalability

September 5, 2017 – IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) real-time, web-connected leased Pick-to-Light devices are the best choice for more than 90% of the distribution, warehouse, and cellular manufacturing assembly markets. According to Trevor Blumenau, CEO of Voodoo Robotics, based in Plano, TX, the characteristics most needed for an effective picking solution must offer machine-to-machine real-time productivity. SKU to SKU, Picker to Packer, high visibility, robust order pick displays with flexible mounting methods allow adaptable warehousing operations…MORE

Voodoo Robotics Pick-to-Light Device the Editor’s Choice at Material Handling Product News

August 6, 2017 – Easily integrated with an existing enterprise resource planning system or warehouse management system, a new light-directed picking module for pick-to-light and put-to-light applications optimizes pick carts, put walls and will call areas…MORE

Inventory Technology Reinvented with Best-of-Breed Pick to Light Inventory Control

July 20, 2017 – Pick-to-Light systems have been around for more than thirty years used primarily in warehouse operations, with lights mounted on racking to direct pickers to the correct items, quantities, and sequences to execute their task with greater efficiency and accuracy than paper-based methods….MORE

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Less is More: How SKU-Keeper by Voodoo Robotics is Redefining Traceability Technology

July 3, 2017 – There is certainly efficacy for fully exhaustive and comprehensive technological traceability, yet with 90 percent of small food and beverage manufacturers employing fewer than 100 people, rarely is the Rolls Royce affordable and never cost-justified…MORE

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