Cloud Display Device

Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started and boost productivity with zero risk.

What is in the Starter Kit?

The starter kit contains ten Cloud Display Devices, one Turbo (for connectivity) and one user account.

10 Cloud Display Devices

Cloud Display Devices leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to boost your productivity. A simple URL causes the devices to light up (or flash) with 2 lines of custom text.  Devices are wireless and run on two long-lasting AA batteries. They can be mobile or easily installed with double-sided tape, screws or zip-ties.  Devices are highly flexible and can be for pick-by-light, put-by-light, kitting, sequencing, quarantine, flow rack, pick tunnels, and more!

1 Turbo

The Turbo connects the Cloud Display Devices to the internet. It comes with a power adapter and mounting bracket. Turbos connect to the Internet using WiFi or Ethernet and are normally installed high-up on a wall or pillar. They can also be installed on the ceiling or on the side of your racks. Every warehouse is different, but you can expect a Turbo to have a range of about 75 feet.

1 User Account

One SKU-Keeper user account will allow you to set up and configure the Cloud Display Devices and connect your Turbo to the Internet.  Use your account to register device locations, keep track of batteries and manage your overall system.

Most companies begin with a starter kit.  Once they have conducted a proof-of-concept, they order more devices and scale up or down as needed.  Others skip the starter kit and place a larger order.

Voodoo Robotics Cloud Display Device Starter Kit contains 10 devices, a turbo and one user account

$400 (activation and first month, then $150 each month)

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Go Month-to-Month!

The ongoing lease rate for the Starter Kit is just $180 per month!

In order to keep down the cost of the system, Voodoo Robotics leases Cloud Display Devices on a month-to-month basis! That way, there’s no long-term commitment and no huge up-front fees. There’s no risk: if the system doesn’t work for you, just return the devices and your lease ends! There is NO lock-in.

Hardware as a service allows a customer to shift from Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to operational Expenditure (OPEX).

Our pay-as-you-go leasing model allows you to lease precisely the number of devices required each month – permitting both upward and downward seasonal scalability.

Easy to Use & Risk-Free!

  • No big up-front $$$ server purchase
  • No forklifts or digging or wiring or major moves of racks for installation
  • No re-engineering of your operations to add special barcodes or labels on each item
  • No forced purchase of support every year (although support is available if you need it)

You can explore the functionality without having to integrate with your WMS/WCS.  You can easily integrate later – or augment your WMS with SKU-Keeper.  You can even use Google Sheet or Excel.  It’s simple!

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