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What is a Cloud Display Device?

A simple call causes the associated Cloud Display Device to light up with multiple lines of custom text – in any language using Western text. Text size scales to fit the display. Assign different colors to different pickers or different priorities. Integration with your WMS/ERP is simple. In fact, the system even works with Microsoft Excel!

Cloud Display Devices can be used in all sorts of ways: pick-to-light, put-to-light, picking carts, order sortation, quarantine, kitting, will-call, and more!

Barcodes can be used both for item SKUs and for acknowledging individual picks–at the same time!  Ask us how.

What do you get when you cross the Internet-of-Things (IoT) with pick-to-light technology? The ability to pick more orders, in less time, with fewer errors.  A simple URL causes the Cloud Display Devices to light up with up to five lines of custom text.

  • Displays text, barcodes, QR codes, icons, and arrows
  • Industrial silicone button lights up in multiple colors (pickers can each be assigned a color)
  • Two AAA batteries can last for years - depending on usage
  • Ultra low-power display means you can show SKU, inventory, order ID, or something custom, between picks
  • Mount Devices anywhere and relocate them with ease
  • Devices can play a custom tune to get a picker’s attention
  • Devices can also be used as temperature alarms (high and/or low)
  • Devices spend most of their time “sleeping” to maximize battery-life
  • Extend battery-life by reducing button brightness and button on-time (and by enabling flashing mode)
  • Battery voltage is continuously displayed on the Device and monitored on the Server
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Up to Five Lines of Custom Text

A simple URL causes the device to light up in one of six colors with up to five lines of custom text in any language you need.  It can even play a custom tune, show a barcode/QR Code and a hazard icon.

The average time to light up is 1.5 – 2 seconds.

Two Types of Display


The device, while idle, displays static or stand-by information including a hazard icon, barcode and/or QR Code. For example, you might want to show what SKU and quantity is stored in a location or who has been assigned to a picking cart.

Lighted Message

A simple URL call for a pick or put can illuminate a device button (or make it flash), with up to five lines of custom text to be displayed. The device can even play a custom tune. Use a barcode of QR Code to identify the pick or put.  For example, the device might instruct a specific picker to select X number of a specific SKU. Or, it could indicate into which bin the picked inventory should be placed.

Using Cloud Display Devices

Our flexible Cloud Display Devices can be used to improve warehouse operations in a variety of ways.


Boost productivity and accuracy with wireless pick-to-light.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloud Display Devices allow you to leverage the internet-of-things to increase productivity in your warehouse or distribution center.

  • Instructional Device

Picking Carts

Enhance your current picking carts with wireless pick-to-light or put-to-light.

  • Batch picking
  • Cluster picking
  • Zone picking
  • Wave picking

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Cloud Display Devices can be integrated with existing machines or sensors for warning lights, alerts or information.

  • Sensors
  • Maintenance Intervals
  • Alerts
Voodoo Robotics CEO Trevor Blumenau explains the Voodoo Robotics solution at the SVT Robotics booth at MODEX 2022 in Atlanta.

Voodoo Robotics CEO Trevor Blumenau explains the Voodoo Robotics solution at the SVT Robotics booth at MODEX 2022 in Atlanta.

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Purchasing Options

Cloud display devices save money.  They make warehouses more efficient and prevent pick errors.  In purchasing our wireless IoT devices:

  • There is no big up-front $$$ server purchase
  • There is no complicated installation with special wiring.
  • Moving the system or altering configuration is trivial.
  • No reengineering of your operations to add special barcodes or labels is required (we support barcodes if you want to use them)
  • No forced purchase of support every year (although support is available if you need it)

Simple Integration

A simple URL allows for easy integration with your WMS/ERP or even Microsoft Excel!,f5,2,g5,2a5,2g5/20r/

  1. Secure Protocol and Server. Use your server prefix
  2. Device ID. Use the specific device ID for your Cloud Display Device
  3. Message Type. Indicate your message type: ‘flash’ or ‘display’
  4. Message Text. Use up to 5 lines for Modern Cloud Display Devices or 2 lines of text for Classic Devices
  5. Custom Tune. Use a custom tune or indicate ‘none’
  6. Seconds and color. Indicate the number of seconds for light illumination and the color

URL Components

A simple URL causes the device to light up with any two lines of custom text – in almost any language you need! Constructing a URL is easy!

  • Amazon Cloud

    Specifies an API call on our server.

  • Device ID

    Each Pick-to-Light Cloud Display Device has a unique Device ID.

  • Operation Type

    The type of API call. For example: Pick, Flash or Static.

  • Text lines

    Customize the lines to display. These lines can be anything.  You can even specify icons, barcodes, or QR-Codes. (We use two fields in the URL to maintain backward compatibility with our Classic devices.)

  • Sound/Tune

    Each picker can have a custom tune. First number is the tempo, followed by musical notes. ‘f5s,2’ is an F-sharp in the fifth octave held for two beats.  Make your own tunes or choose one of our pre-coded selections.

  • Seconds and Color

    The number of seconds the device will light up followed by a color code: ‘r’ is for red, ‘g’ is green, ‘b’ is for blue.  (You can even combine two of them–that’s how we get six different colors, from all the combinations.)

The above URL shows how to use our devices with the QueryString API.  You can also use a REST API for more complicated interfaces.

Get Started

Let’s have a conversation so we can better understand your needs. Call us or schedule a demo to learn more about our Cloud Display Devices. Or, simply order a starter kit!

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