Cloud Display Device

Battery Life

Batteries Can Last for Years

With typical use, two AAA alkaline batteries could last years.  Devices spend most of the time “sleeping”, so battery life depends on how frequently you activate the device, the button brightness, the tune played, and whether or not the device flashes.

You can predict the battery life with this simple battery life estimator.

Total V2 Cloud Display Devices deployed.
Length of your work week.
Total lines your pickers pick from all of the Devices.
Total lines your pickers pick from all of the Devices.
Total lines your pickers pick from all of the Devices.
(Calculated) The total for all Cloud Display Devices, averaged out, for each 24-hour period.
(Calculated) On a per Device basis, the average number of API calls to one Device in 24 hours.
Estimate the typical (improved) number of seconds it takes a picker to find an item using the Device.
In a brightly lit warehouse, buttons need to be brighter in order to be seen.  Devices default to 50% brightness.
We recommend using a flashing light, rather than a solid light.
If you want to extend the life of your batteries, use sound/tunes sparingly!
Enter the Battery capacity for each AAA in mAh.  Typically, Alkalines have about 950 mAh, while Lithium Primaries have about 1300 mAh.  Amazon Basics are about 1200 mAh.
In quantity, Alkalines typically cost about $0.15 each.  Lithium Primary batteries are about $1.00 each.  Amazon Basics cost about $0.21 each.
(Calculated) On average, expect to replace your batteries after this many days.
(Calculated) Total cost in dollars for two AAA batteries per Device for a year.

Note: It’s likely your numbers will differ from these estimates.  The above calculations are just averages and make several assumptions that may not be true in your specific use case.  For example, these numbers assume that batteries are used entirely and not replaced early as we recommend.

Monitor Uptime and Voltage

It is easy to monitor the uptime and current voltage of all devices. Battery voltage for each device is sampled at least once per day, and the data is readily available with a browser on your cell phone or desktop from anywhere in the world! You’ll know exactly which batteries need replacing (and their locations), long before they die.

(Of course, the voltage level is also visible on the device at all times in the display.)

  • Unique Device ID
  • Installed Location Name
  • Installed Area or Aisle
  • Transmitter Power
  • DC Battery Voltage
  • Uptime Since Last Battery Change
  • Last Database Update Time
  • Firmware Version on Device
The All Devices screen displays uptime and current battery voltage for each device
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Battery Changes are Easy

Battery changes are quick and easy. Two AAA batteries are accessible from the bottom of the device using a sliding door. Don’t worry, you’ll never lose Pick-to-Light device data because the devices re-synchronize with the database upon startup.

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