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Our devices dramatically improve your pick rates.  Pickers find the inventory they’re looking for in a flash.


A light shows the worker exactly what to pick.  Up to five lines of text give clear instructions.  Barcodes and QR codes also supported.


Easy to reconfigure.  Put devices only in locations that need them.  Start out with a few devices–expand when you see just how effective they are.  Devices are mounted with strong N52 Neodymium magnets.

Long Battery Life

Using 2 AAA batteries, most customers see more than a year between battery changes.  And you get automatic e-mails to notify you of any low batteries in your system.  Check out our battery life calculator.

Pick Using Odoo Transfers

With locations set, anytime you use Odoo’s Transfers for a Pick or Put any devices in those locations will be activated.

Acknowledge the pick or put on the device with the button, and the Done quantity will be updated.

Using our multi-button devices, you can even adjust the Done quantity on the device.

Could it be any simpler?!

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Use Odoo Locations

Adding Voodoo devices to existing locations in your warehouse is simple.  You just add the DeviceID in Odoo.  Voodoo takes care of the rest.  (You can even use a barcode scanner to scan the ID for you.)

The Voodoo device will immediately update to display your current inventory in that location.  Wow!

You can even use a single device for up to eight locations–using arrows.

Multiple Pickers

With six different colors, pickers can key on their own color in an area.  You can even put a picker’s name in the pick/put instructions.  And overlapping commands (more than one command on a device) are handled seamlessly!

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One Device for Multiple Locations

It’s all about the arrows!  You can substantially change the cost of a Pick To Light system by using one device for 2, 4, or even 8 locations.  It’s all seamlessly handled by Odoo.

Get Started

Let’s talk about how Voodoo can speed your picking and improve your shipping accuracy.  Call us or schedule a demo to see the next generation picking device in action.

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