10 Benefits of Voodoo Robotics’ Pick-to-Light System

Man holding an illuminated plus sign that represents the ten benefits of pick-to-light

Pick-to-light systems are not new, but the ease of use and deployment are. The pick-to-light definition is a light-assisted system that visually cues the picker in on the location of merchandise on their pick ticket. For operations large and small, pick-to-light is a great way to generate better productivity and improve order service.

  • 1. Improved Productivity.

    Warehouse staff can spot items more quickly, verify pick, and move on to the next SKU. Likewise, a stocker can go through and verify with a button click that an item has been refilled on the shelf.

  • 2. Greater Accuracy

    When filling a cart, the display can read with a complete location for the site. For instance, “Aisle 3, east shelf, section two, level three, pick 12x SKU1234.”

  • 3. Better Utilization

    Less downtime for staff and less time walking to pick or put away items means less downtime for warehouse staff. Staff can wait on call in a staging area until being told to take a cart. This is a KPI that should be fairly high, but can be seasonal and variable.

  • 3. Easy to Set-Up

    The display provides clear instructions about the items and services needed to fill an order, and after being picked, the order can pass to packing on the same cart.

  • 5. Scalable

    Voodoo Robotics Pick-to-Light can scale up or down according to need. Battery operated displays mean no wiring issues and month-to-month lease allows for scaling, both up and down.

  • 6. Flexible

    Put a Pick-to-Light unit on a picking cart, forklift, pallet jack, bin, tote, or anywhere light and information can speed up a pick or a put.

  • 7. Easy Integration via URL

    Voodoo Robotics Pick-to-Light uses a simple URL to light up devices.  It even works with something as simple as a Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet or, you can easily integrate it with your current WMS or ERP.

  • 8. Cloud!

    No on-site server to maintain.

  • 9. Faster Stocking

    Stockers will see quickly where received items need to go, resulting in less walk time.

  • 10. Lower Cost of Goods

    Increasing productivity can lower the cost of goods and increase profitability at the same time.

Let’s Talk KPI

KPI should not stand for Kicking (and screaming) Per Issue. KPI means Key Performance Indicators, and are the way to run a warehouse. Your top five KPI should be:

  • Receiving and Put-away

    How much time does it take to receive and put away each line?

  • Inventory Accuracy

    Is your live inventory accurate?

  • Inventory Turnover

    How many times per year can you sell your entire inventory?

  • Order Turnaround

    What is the average turnaround time once an order is generated?

  • Pick and Pack

    What is the utilization rate of staff and equipment in picking and preparing for shipment?

  • Orders Shipped Per Day

    Fully staffed and working on an average day, how many orders does the shipping department get on the truck?

Not Your Daddy’s Pick-to-Light

Working with a Pick-to-Light system shouldn’t blow out the budget, and the sooner a new business starts managing inventory and picking procedures, the better off the organization will be.

Change and disruption can be great! However, only as long as they are deployed the right way. Find out with a simple starter kit what Voodoo Robotics can do to manage warehousing and stocking situations from large to small.

Get Started

Let’s have a conversation so we can better understand your needs.  Schedule a demo or contact us and get control of your mispicks!

If the system avoids just a few mispicks, it’s paid for itself!

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