Seeing the Light

New Picking System Speeds Up Workflow

warehouse manager sees the light

Maybe this was the year that sales finally took off; maybe it was just the first real big sales year. Whatever happened, a lot of time probably got lost in the picking process and warehouse managers and buyers need to figure out how to improve material handling procedures while improving accuracy.

Even with a live inventory system and full barcoding capability, you could still improve your pick rate, accuracy and reduce the number of mispicks.

Where Warehouses Bleed Cash

Most managers think that inbound and outbound transportation costs for inventory are the most significant expenses that a business has to handle. But in reality, servicing your inventory is the biggest expense in both and money.  A pick-to-light system can make picking more accurate, and make items easier for the order picker to find. The results are as follows:

  • Higher fill rate through more accurate picking.
  • Faster pick ticket to packing counter trip.
  • Accurate quarterly/annual inventory.
  • Improve ordering procedures with more accurate inventory.

Pick-to-Light Process

Pick-to-light technology is one of the most viable solutions available for warehouse operations of all sizes. It is economical, with minimal downtime for installation of the devices, and cloud-based software for minimal disruption to workstations. In much the same way that software is offered as a service, hardware as a service makes a PTL system affordable for even a small operation.  The devices are battery operated and can be installed on a picking cart, a shelf, and on individual bins. The picking staff can get up to the minute instructions from a supervisor, report fill rate, and not waste time hunting for items to fill the order.

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Pickers Will See the Light

For instance, using one starter kit made of ten PTL devices, one turbo (connects the devices to the cloud), and a account is enough to get started. Software integration is a breeze, and the system can even work with a simple Excel or Google spreadsheet. Just a few of the things you can do to make your pickers’ lives easier are:

  • Place the device on a pick cart and then light it up with SKU and quantity,
  • Place the device on a shelf or bin and light it up so that your picker can clearly see that they are supposed to pick that specific item.
  • Display special instructions to the packer or the shipper on the cart.

Warehouse managers can also create special picking zones for clearance items, or a “hot zone” for bestsellers to improve speed and accuracy when picking popular items. Conversely, when it comes to restocking shelves with received goods, the devices can tell the receiving warehouse crew where the goods need to go.

Getting input from management and staff is important when brainstorming solutions to time-draining jobs. Control your inventory and create a more efficient workforce – just with a little starter kit.

Get Started

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