Forget Everything You Know About Pick-to-Light

We’ve reinvented Pick-to-Light!

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Pick to light hardware icon shows red and green lights and represents a previous generation of picking and order fulfillment solutions.

Forget red and green lights

Electrical plug icon represents the wires that route power to warehouse/dc racks to power previous-generation PTL hardware.

Forget wired racks

Battery icon represents the batteries on the base of some order picking carts.

Forget battery-powered picking carts

Invoice icon with lines and a dollar sign represent large capital expenditures that are no longer necessary.

Forget large capital expenditures

Circles connecting to a central circle. One circle is green representing the limited applications of previous pick to light systems.

Forget limited applications

Forget everything you know about Pick-to-Light.  Forget number-only displays.  Forget only red or green.  Think six colors.  Think barcodes and QR codes.  Think icons and arrows.

A New Generation of Pick-to-Light

Voodoo Robotics has reinvented order picking and created a new generation of Pick-to-Light.

Our wireless devices display five lines of text, allowing flexible messaging, icons, arrows, barcodes, and can be mounted almost anywhere — carts, racks, totes, pick-walls, forklifts, etc.

batch picking cart

Picking Carts

distribution center racking


warehouse tote icon


put wall icon


Pick-to-light devices can be used on forklifts


Now, Pick-to-Light Can be Used in New Ways!

  • Display special instructions (think “Fred: expedite order #46552)
  • Indicate the bin where a picked item should be placed
  • Light up in one of six colors with a picker’s name, quantity, and SKU to pick
  • Add a custom barcode or QR code with an arrow in one of eight directions.
  • Reconfigure storage locations to accommodate changing demand
  • Indicate different packing procedures for each customer

It’s Easy to Use

Our Pick-to-Light system is highly flexible and can easily be integrated with your current ERP or WMS. You can even use an Excel spreadsheet.

The devices run on two AAA batteries that can last for years and are easy to change.  Each device monitors its voltage and reports when below a pre-established threshold.


The devices are so flexible that you can even use one as a directional device to guide pickers to the next pick location or summon a picker to the front office!


An obvious way to use the system is as a destination device on picking carts, so that each time an item is picked from stock, a device on the cart illuminates to show in which tote that item should be placed.


In a more sophisticated scenario, devices on racks associated with each line item on the picker’s picklist can be illuminated to help find the correct inventory and then put it in the correct tote on the cart.

It’s Affordable!

This next-generation of Pick-to-Light is perfect for:


Distribution Centers


Get Started

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If the system avoids just a few mispicks, it’s paid for itself!

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