Pick-to-Light System Components

Everything You Need to Boost Order Fulfillment Accuracy and Productivity

Visual flow diagram of components

Cloud Display Devices

Wirelessly controlled through a simple URL or REST API call, the devices light up in one of six colors, and display up to five lines of custom text – for example, a pickers name, the SKU, and quantity to pick.  They can even play a custom tune for each order picker.

Turbo (router)

Install one or more Turbo’s on the ceiling, the wall or the side of your racks to extend radio range and decrease pick-to-light response times. These devices connect pick-to-light devices to the Internet.


Our Pick-to-Light system uses the ultimate simple standard – a simple web URL (QueryString API).  More sophisticated uses can use our REST API.

The Pick-to-Light devices easily integrate with your existing ERP or WMS. A simple request, sent to our server on the Amazon Cloud, causes the associated device to light up with up to five lines of custom text.  QR Codes, barcodes and icons are also supported.

ERP / WMS Software

Our Pick-to-Light technology easily integrates with your existing ERP or WMS software.  You can even test it out with a starter kit and Microsoft Excel.

Pick-to-Light Devices

Our Pick-to-Light System is more than a picking solution.  A simple URL call causes the devices to light up in multiple colors with up to five lines of custom text.  Barcodes, QR-Codes and icons are also supported.

Our Pick-to-Light devices can be installed almost anywhere and easily integrate with your current ERP or WMS (or our SKU-Keeper inventory management software). The devices use Turbos to connect to the Internet.

They are ideal for picking carts, flow-through racks, put walls, will-call areas and more


Turbos connect Pick-to-Light devices to the cloud.

PTL devices cannot connect to the cloud by themselves – they need the help of a Turbo. The Turbo is the simplest way for the devices to connect to the cloud.

In large warehouses or ones that span multiple rooms, you might need additional Turbos. In busy systems, where multiple requests overlap, adding extra Turbos will increase responsiveness times, making the system faster.

  • WIFI/Ethernet Connection

    A WiFi or Ethernet connection can be used to connect the Turbo to the Internet, facilitating communication between the cloud and the Pick-to-Light devices.

  • 50-Foot Range

    Turbos can communicate with Pick-to-Light devices within about 50 feet.

  • Speed

    More Turbos will increase the speed, causing devices to light-up faster.

  • Extended Range

    Use multiple Turbos to extend the range of devices in your warehouse. Turbos are designed for overlapping coverage areas.

Software Integration

Our Pick-to-Light system uses the ultimate standard – a simple web URL (QueryString API).  A REST API is also available.

The Pick-to-Light devices easily integrate with your existing ERP or WMS. A simple URL request, sent to our server on the Amazon Cloud, causes the associated device to light up in one of six colors with up to five lines of custom text.

For example, the device can display the picker’s name, SKU and quantity to pick, or it could indicate into which bin the picked inventory should be placed.

Devices also support QR Codes, barcodes and icons.  You can even generate a custom barcode to be scanned to acknowledge each pick.

Here are some ideas:

  • Light up the device with the picker’s name, quantity, and SKU to pick.
  • Assign colors to pickers, so that each picker knows what color button to look for.
  • Indicate the bin or tote where a picked item should be placed.
  • Display special handling or packing instructions.
  • Indicate who has been assigned to this pick-cart or forklift.
  • Indicate what area of the warehouse a picker with a cart should begin picking.
  • Indicate that all items for an order have been sorted, and the order is ready for packaging.

It’s so easy that you can even use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to generate URL’s and light up the devices!  We’ve already built some examples for you to use as a starting point.

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