A New Solution for Today’s Order Fulfillment Challenges

Wireless pick-to-light can now be attached to racks, totes, carts, forklifts, pick-walls, put-walls, etc.

Secure Cloud-based URL
Programmable Text Display
Wireless Devices Can Be Put Anywhere
2 AA Batteries Can Last for Years
Lease-based Pricing Model

Wireless Pick-to-Light System

Mount Anywhere

Pick-to-Light devices can be mounted to picking carts, boxes, bins, containers, shelving, pallet racking, put-walls, and more. You can mount a device just about anywhere, increasing your productivity and accuracy while reducing errors!

Relocate With Ease

Relocate Pick-to-light devices with ease to accommodate your ever-changing fulfillment operation.  

Easy to Install

Pick-to-Light system can easily be integrated with your current warehouse or distribution center layout. There is no need to move racks around or add wiring for the devices.  You can even batch pick with your current order picking carts.

Minimize Downtime

Our Pick-to-Light system can be installed quickly with zero to minimal downtime.

Long Battery Life

Batteries can last a year or more!  Batteries are accessible from the front of the PTL device, without removal, making battery changes quick and easy. You’ll never lose data because the devices re-synchronize with the database upon startup.


The battery voltage of each device is continuously monitored by the system.

The device itself always displays the current battery voltage or a low-battery warning. And on the SKU-Keeper server, you can easily get a list of Pick-to-Light devices (and their locations) that have battery levels below a cut-off value that you specify.


PTL devices spend most of the time “sleeping” to maximize their battery efficiency.

With typical use, the two AA batteries could last years. It really depends on how frequently you activate the device.

Three Types of Messaging

A warehouse or distribution center picker pushes a picking cart with Pick-to-Light tags directing where inventory should be picked from and placed for batch picking.
  • Static/Background Info

    The device stores data which is displayed when the button is pressed. For example, you might want to know what inventory is stored in a location or who has been assigned to this picking cart.

  • Lighted Message

    A simple URL call for a pick or put can illuminate a device, causing two lines of custom text to be displayed. It can even play a custom tune. For example, the device might instruct a specific picker to select X number of a specific SKU. Or, it could indicate into which bin the picked inventory should be placed.

  • Flashing Message

    As above, a simple URL can be sent to the device, but instead of simply illuminating the device, the device can flash to get someone’s attention.

Not Your Daddy’s Pick-to-Light

pick-to-light device showing the location of inventory in a warehouse

Programmable two-line display (16 alphanumeric characters each) lights up to get picker’s attention.


Acknowledge pick or cycle through screens with simple one-button functionality.


Mount anywhere with outdoor double-sided tape, screws, bolts, zip ties, or wire.


Long-lasting AA batteries are easy to change and accessible from the front.

pick-to-light url causes device to light up with two lines of custom text

Easy to program with a simple URL.


Upward & Downward Scalability

Lease more lights during peak seasons and return them during off-peak seasons.

Reduce Risk With

Hardware As a Service (HaaS)

Pay-as-You Go Model

Catering to the 3PL expense-model, Voodoo Robotics keeps costs down by leasing pick lights on a month-to-month basis! That way, there are no long-term commitments, no huge up-front costs, and no depreciation schedules. Add devices for new customers or when order fulfillment volumes increase.  Send back devices when they’re not needed.  There’s no risk: if the system doesn’t work for you, just return the devices and your lease ends! There is NO lock-in.

Hardware as a service allows a customer to shift from Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to operational Expenditure (OPEX).

Our pay-as-you-go leasing model allows you to lease precisely the number of lights required each month – permitting both upward and downward scalability in your fulfillment operation.

Easy to Use & Risk Free

  • No big up-front $$$ server purchase
  • No depreciation schedules
  • No forklifts or digging or wiring or major moves of racks for installation
  • No re-engineering of your operations to add special barcodes or labels on each item (we do support barcodes if you have them)
  • No forced purchase of support every year (although support is available if you need it)

Use Excel or Google Sheets to explore the functionality without having to integrate with your WMS/WCS. You can easily integrate later – or augment your WMS with SKU-Keeper.

Pick-to-Light System Components

Pick-to-Light Connection to the Cloud

Pick-to-Light System Components


    Controlled through a simple URL, these devices light up with, for example, a pickers name, the SKU and quantity to pick.  They can even play a custom tune for each picker.

  • Turbo

    Install one or more SKU-Turbo’s on the ceiling, the wall or the side of your racks to extend radio range and decrease pick-to-light times. Like SKU-Stations, these devices connect pick-to-light devices to the Internet.

  • Optional SKU-Keeper Software

    Find inventory in a flash, check on orders, pick/restock items or run sophisticated custom reports with the SKU-Keeper inventory management software. Pick-to-light system users can use as little or as much of the cloud software as they need to support their current application.

Pick-to-Light Code Samples

$15 One-time Activation and $5 Monthly Lease Fee

Pick-to-Light Devices

Our Pick-to-Light System is more than a picking solution.  A simple URL call causes the devices to light up with two lines of custom text.  

Our Pick-to-Light devices can be installed almost anywhere and easily integrate with your current ERP or WMS (or our SKU-Keeper inventory management software). The devices use Turbos or SKU-Stations to connect to the Internet.

They are ideal for picking carts, flow-through racks, put walls, and will-call areas. 

You can use these devices to:

  • Light up with a picker’s name, quantity, and SKU to pick.
  • Indicate the bin where a picked item should be placed.
  • Display special instructions (for example, “Fred, expedite order #365553”).
  • Locate rarely picked inventory.
  • Expedite order picking.
  • Accurately pick visually similar inventory.
  • Direct order picking cart to the next location.
Pick-to-Light Turbo

$100 One-time Activation and $100 Monthly Lease Fee


Turbos connect Pick-to-Light devices to the cloud.

PTL devices cannot connect to the cloud by themselves – they need the help of a Turbo or SKU-Station. The Turbo is the simplest way for the devices to connect to the cloud.

In large warehouses or ones that span multiple rooms, you might need additional Turbos. In busy systems, where multiple requests overlap, adding extra Turbos will decrease response times, making the system faster.


    A WiFi or Ethernet connection can be used to connect the Turbo to the Internet, facilitating communication between the cloud and the Pick-to-Light devices.

  • 75-Foot Range

    Turbos can communicate with Pick-to-Light devices within about 75 feet.

  • Speed

    More Turbos will increase the speed, causing devices to light-up faster.

  • Extended Range

    Use multiple Turbos to extend the range of devices in your warehouse. Turbos are designed for overlapping coverage areas.

The SKU-Station consists of a monitor and keyboard with integrated CPU.

Cost: $200 One-Time Activation and $200 Monthly Lease Fee


The SKU-Station is a kiosk for your warehouse or manufacturing floor. SKU-Stations facilitate communication with the Pick-to-Light devices and allow employees to interact with your ERP or WMS (web-only) or the SKU-Keeper inventory management system.

SKU-Stations can be customized with a touch screen and can be self-standing or rack mounted.  Contact us to find a solution that is right for you.


    A WiFi or Ethernet connection can be use to connect the SKU-Station to the Internet.

  • 75-Foot Range

    SKU-Keepers can communicate with Pick-to-Light devices within about 75 feet.

  • Controlled System

    Prevent access to non WMS/ERP web pages.

WMS/ERP Integration

Our Pick-to-Light system uses the ultimate standard – a simple web URL.

The Pick-to-Light devices easily integrate with your existing ERP or WMS. A simple URL request, sent to our server on the Amazon Cloud, causes the associated Pick-to-Light device to light up with two lines of custom text. For example, the device can display the picker’s name, SKU and quantity to pick, or it could indicate into which bin the picked inventory should be placed.

Here are some ideas:

  • Light up the device with the picker’s name, quantity, and SKU to pick.
  • Indicate the bin or tote where a picked item should be placed.
  • Display special handling or packing instructions.
  • Indicate who has been assigned to this pick-cart or forklift.
  • Indicate what area of the warehouse a picker with a cart should begin picking.
  • Indicate that all items for an order have been sorted, and the order is ready for packaging.

It’s so easy that you can even use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to generate URL’s and light up the devices!

The Pick-to-Light URL has seven sections: Amazon cloud, device ID, Type, SKU, Quantity, Tempo/Tune, and time, allowing you to customize the message displayed on the device.

Optional SKU-Keeper Software

Our optional SKU-Keeper software was designed to leverage the Pick-to-Light devices and is extremely flexible.

$30 Per Month License for One User Account

Iot pick-to-light hardware
  • Flexible

    Scale up or down based on your warehouse demand. Add more lights during busy seasons and return them when they’re not needed.

  • Reduced Investment

    Hardware-as-a-service eliminates upfront expenses. Pay as you go–for only what you need that month. No huge up-front server purchase.

  • Disaster recovery

    Protect your data and operation.

  • Work from anywhere

    Use your web browser to access your warehouse/DC from anywhere in world.

  • Advanced Security

    State-of-the-art algorithms protect your data at all times.

  • Month to Month

    Switch to another systems if needed–no long term contracts.

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