Pick-to-Light & Put-to-Light

Pick-to-Light helps you pick more orders, in less time, with fewer errors.

New wireless pick-to-light devices can be attached to racks, totes, carts, forklifts, pick-walls, put-walls, etc.

E-commerce Order Fulfillment
Retail Store Replenishment
Returns Processing
Batch Picking & Sortation
Manufacturing Kitting
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What is Pick-to-Light?

Pick-to-Light systems help warehouse pickers find things by using indicator lights to show where items are or where they should be placed.  The systems are particularly useful for broken case or piece-picking for e-commerce order fulfillment.  Pick-to-Light hardware is installed on shelves and racks or even on picking carts or put-walls (also referred to as put stations). When a new picklist is initiated, typically through a barcode scan or via an Android device, the Pick-to-Light device is illuminated, indicating the SKU and quantity to pick.  Picks can be acknowledged through a simple button press and depending on the system, the inventory data may be synchronized with a warehouse management system (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other material handling software. 

Pick-to-Light systems dramatically increase the productivity of e-commerce order fulfillment while reducing operator errors. This type of supply chain technology has a profound impact on order picking productivity and warehouse management.

Pick-to-Light Process:

  1. Start a picklist (list of inventory items to pick in order to fill one or more orders–typically started with a barcode scan)
  2. Pick-to-Light hardware lights up with the SKU and quantity to pick
  3. Order picker presses the button or scans a barcode to acknowledge each pick
  4. Picker repeats the process until the picklist is complete

What Makes Our Pick to Light System Different?

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Pick Lights

Voodoo Robotics harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with wireless, cloud-connected Pick-to-Light technology. When a picklist is initiated, our Pick-to-Light devices light up in one of six colors, with text indicating the picker’s name, SKU and quantity to pick! Pick lights can be installed almost anywhere and easily integrate with your current ERP or WMS (or our SKU-Keeper inventory management software).

Different Purchase Options

You can purchase devices outright, or take advantage of our pay-as-you-go leasing model to adjust the precise number of devices required each month.  You can scale up or down.  

Pick-to-Light Carts

Many customers attach devices to their existing picking carts.  Since the devices are wireless, there is no complicated installation, and you can continue to pick the way you’re used to–but faster and more accurately!  No more confusion with batch picking, wave picking, zone picking or cluster picking.

Forget everything you know about Pick-to-Light.  The next-generation of pick-to-light is more flexible and can be used in new ways.

A warehouse or distribution center picker pushes a picking cart with Pick-to-Light tags directing where inventory should be picked from and placed for batch picking.

Use devices for Picking or Putting (or both)

Want extreme accuracy?  You can use devices for both picking and putting.  

Double Lighted Picking Scenario

In a double-lighted system, each pick and each put can BOTH be acknowledged by devices. In this scenario, as the picker pushes the picking cart down the aisle, Pick-to-Light devices (usually attached to a rack) associated with a picklist illuminate, then after each pick, a put light on the cart illuminates to show in which tote the inventory should be placed.

Picking carts optimize batch picking by reducing the pickers total travel distance while increasing his/her accuracy and picking rates.  

Using Put by Light with Carts

Pick-to-Light and put-to-light systems are often used with picking carts to facilitate batch or cluster picking of multiple orders in one pass. Picking carts vary greatly in design and configuration, but most contain several shelves with totes or plastic storage bins. The totes can be configured to hold all the items for a particular order or they can simply hold all the picked inventory which is later sorted by order into a put-wall. 

Typical Ways to Use a Picking Cart

Single Lighted System:

  1. The operator is directed to a stock location by an illuminated Directional device (or based on a picklist).
  2. The picker scans a barcode at that location.
  3. The operator picks the item from the location.
  4. The Put-to-Light device on the cart illuminates to show which tote the item should be placed in.
  5. Picker acknowledges the pick by pushing the device button or by scanning a barcode on the device.

Double Lighted System:

  1. Picker pushes the picking cart down the aisle.
  2. Pick-to-Light devices on the racks associated with a picklist illuminate, indicating what should be picked.
  3. The picker picks an item from inventory.
  4. After each pick, the put-light on the cart illuminates to show the tote the item should be placed in.
  5. Picker acknowledges the pick by pushing the device button or by scanning a barcode on the device.

There’s no need for a wired power source.  Our picking system runs on two small batteries that can last for years (depending on usage). Pick-to-Light devices can be installed almost anywhere, eliminating the need for very expensive powered picking carts.

Picking Cart for Batch Picking E-Commerce Orders

Pick-to-Light System Components

Visual flow diagram of components
  • Pick-to-Light Device

    Controlled by a simple URL, these devices light up with a pickers name, the SKU, and quantity to pick.  They can even play a custom tune for each order picker.

  • Turbo

    Install one or more SKU-Turbo’s on the ceiling, the wall or the side of your racks to decrease pick-to-light times. Like SKU-Stations, these devices connect pick-to-light devices to the Internet.

  • Cloud

    Our Pick-to-Light system uses the ultimate standard – a simple web URL.  A simple URL request, sent to our server on the Amazon Cloud, causes the associated device to light up with two lines of custom text.


    Our Pick-to-Light technology easily integrates with your existing ERP or WMS software.  You can even test it out with a starter kit and Google Docs or Microsoft Excel.

Pick to Light example device

Simple Integration

Our Pick-to-Light system uses the ultimate standard – a simple web URL.

The Pick-to-Light devices easily integrate with your existing ERP or WMS (or our SKU-Keeper inventory management software). A simple URL request, sent to our server on the Amazon Cloud, causes the associated Pick-to-Light device to light up with the picker’s name, SKU, and quantity to pick or any two lines of text (in the language you need)!

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Pick-to-Light Cost

In addition to purchasing Devices, Voodoo Robotics offers the option to lease Pick-to-Light devices on a month-to-month basis! That way, there’s no long-term commitment and no huge up-front fees. There’s no risk: if the system doesn’t work for you, just return the devices and your lease ends! There is NO lock-in.

Unlike others, we are totally upfront about our Pick-to-Light pricing and you can order a starter kit to try it out

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Advantages of Pick-to-Light

  • Faster Picking

    Order pickers FIND inventory much FASTER with a light (and sound) to direct them toward products on their picklist. It’s perfect for a team-based approach to e-commerce order fulfillment in which accurate piece picking and broken-case picking are essential.

  • Improved Accuracy

    Pickers get the CORRECT item on their picklist, thereby increasing accuracy, reducing errors and streamlining your order fulfillment process.

  • Split-Case & Small Item Picking

    Pick-to-light is ideal for broken-case and piece picking, where accuracy is essential.  Devices can even display the units of measure for each pick!

  • Seasonal Scalability

    With our unique month-to-month, pay-as-you-go system, you can scale up for seasonal increases and down as needed.  It’s perfect for 3PLs and e-commerce industries and other warehouse management and supply chain operations.

  • Batch & Cluster Picking

    Keeping track of all the items in multiple picklists can lead to frequent picking errors.  Let our picking system keep track of what SKUs have been picked and what still needs to be picked.  Picking technology allows you to fill orders efficiently while reducing errors!

  • Innovative Technology

    Leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), devices are mobile and very easy to integrate into a typical ERP or WMS (or you can even use Excel or Google Sheets).  The system also works with RF scanning and even voice picking.

Get Started

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If the system avoids just a few mispicks, it’s paid for itself!

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