“Wait. We sent you what?” The palm hits the face and the sales rep groans. There’s not enough coffee in the world at this point. “Look, I am so sorry. I don’t know how that could have happened. I’ll get the right item out on a truck today and send a call tag to get the wong one back here. Is email okay or do you want the driver to walk in with it?”

This is not just one headache, this is multiple headaches.

  • The customer has a headache because they have the wrong item.
  • The sales rep has a headache because the customer doesn’t have the right product. They have to set the wheels in motion to ship the right product and bring back the mispicked item.
  • The picker has a headache because they are taking the blame for a mispicked item.
  • The shipper has a headache because now there is an upset sales rep with an upset customer jumping in the shipping line which bumps other orders down the line.
  • The business owner has a headache because all this cost the business time and money.
  • Warehouse management has a headache because everyone else has a headache.

Cost of Mispicks

How much do mispicks cost? There’s no hard and fast formula, but some mispicks can cost enough to wipe out any profit on that particular piece of merchandise and even dip into negative numbers.

Stopping mispicks should be a warehouse manager’s priority, but it’s actually a problem for the entire company. Answers can be expensive, but it’s vital that the picking process be improved and made more accurate. This means basics like clearly labeled bins and shelves, but more than that it means getting inventory controls and a better picking solution in place.

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Pick-to-Light in a Box

Pick to light hardware is not new. Light directed picking has been deployed by some of the biggest supply chain players to tame their warehouses, distribution centers, and 3PL facilities.

The picking process needs to be simplified and pick accuracy needs to be improved before the costs of RMA (Return Merchandise Authorizations) kick a hole in a company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Avoiding mispicks is only part of the story, as pick-to-light can also make putaway more accurate, reduce walk times, and do a lot more than sit on a shelf. A battery operated device can be attached to a picking cart, forklift, and even help to direct the packing and shipping process.

Voodoo Robotics has a solution that makes inventory management work better, makes picks faster and more accurate, and knocks down RMA costs. With a starter kit of ten devices, even a small business can streamline pick rate and process. With wifi and battery powered devices, there’s minimal disruption, almost no downtime, and no expensive rewiring jobs.

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If the system avoids just a few mispicks, it’s paid for itself!

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